22 March 2015

Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens

Gardens of the Chateau de Marqueyssac, France

Drummond Castle Gardens, Scotland

Outdoor table setting!! Great Idea

Outdoor area with dining table designed

Love this beautiful hammock!

Garden gate and pathway

Enchanting garden walkway.. has lots of beautiful hostas within the landscaping

Can't ask for more flowers in garden

Love this. Romantic dinner

I love everything about this but especially how it really feels like a living room outdoors.

Great outdoor living space and entertaining barn

Blooming Butchart Gardens, Victoria

Beautiful White Flower, Amberley, England - Garden

Beautiful design for a shady spot.

Cosy outdoor living spaces

Clever tricks for small space gardens

Can't get enough of outdoor rooms and fireplaces

Beautiful boxwood and petunia planter

Amazing Planter featuring Banana, Great Idea!!

Absolutely Lovely cottage with beautiful garden!

Bertoia chairs and Lovely pool side

Architectural Walls Used in Garden Design

An amazing hammock grazing water